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OPS Survival Kit: What should it contain?

At almost every convention at which Orvan has done ACME deliveries, he has delivered an OPS Survival Kit.

This started as a joke. And it was meant as only a joke, but it's turned out more than once that this joke was surprisingly practical. If it was just a joke, I'd probably retire the bit as "it's been done" and part of good comedy is not running the same gag into the ground through excess repetition. Since it has moved from humor to practicality, I have different concerns. One is that I really hope this whole thing really does become redundant and that folks working Ops and such at a convention manage to be properly prepared for the things this sort of kit covers. It's not that I want to bail out of it. It's that I would rather people be prepared. If they start depending on this showing up, it'll be a bit awkward if something happens and I (and therefore Orvan) can't make it, and this doesn't show up. Not a disaster, but it'll be one more nuisance for them then.

Beyond that, there is the matter of what items belong in the kit. I think I have the basics covered, but I'm not the one using the kit. For all I know there is something there I simply should not bother with. Or worse, there is a blatant omission of "D'oh!" proportions that would be trivial to take care of.

Some of these items have been common to every OPS/REGS Survival Kit. Others have only been in some and not in others due to ready availability (These are generally dollar store specials - ACME is cheap.) or to differences in the nature of a convention. For example, including caffeine in something going to Penguicon seems horribly redundant.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Naproxen (Aleve)
Pepto or equivalent
Throat drops
Bandages / mini first-aid kit
Duc{k,t} tape

Is anything there that should not be? Anything that makes you think, "What the blazes is that there for?" Or that, after a convention, has not been opened at all? The various analgesics will stay as people have different preferences and tolerances, and even if one kind goes unused at convention X, I expect it will be used at convention Y.

Is anything obviously missing? Any item where you reach for the kit, look through it, and wonder why that thing isn't there?

I'd especially like to hear from anyone who worked Ops/Regs at a con and made use of one of these survival kits.

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