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February 22nd, 2009

$5.69 and four bags

That the local K-Mart is closing is not a big surprise. That it lasted as long as it has is perhaps a bit surprising. I've checked in on the place a few times since the first announcements and sometimes found a bit of a deal and sometimes left without anything at all. The place got emptier and emptier, even blocking much of the floorspace off, the remainder wasn't holding all that much.

Today is the last day that the store will be open. About noon or a bit after I went for one last look. I found a few things, mainly items that might be of use for ACME and a few spare bicycle inner tubes. Things ranged from 70% to 90% off. Until I was half-way checked out when it was announced that everything was now 95% off. The clerk was a bit annoyed at having to void and re-scan everything ("Right now I envy the people on the floor." - I suspect a moment earlier he didn't as they had to deal with crowds and screaming toddlers.) I hauled my purchases out to the car and then went back to check out a few things. Unsurprisingly, some of what I was looking for was now gone, but I found a few more items and got out again, eventually. Between the two shopping runs I spent a grand total of $5.69 and hauled four bags of stuff away.

Although the sign claims that the store will be open until 8 PM today, I can't see going back. I expect everything worth bothering with is gone but there might well still be a crowd. I do wonder what will happen to the building. There are claims that there is interest in it and that it won't be empty for long.


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