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April 4th, 2009

Where is the Doctor?

For some months now I've been taping episodes of the classic (pre-Paul McGann) Doctor Who for sistaur. I didn't get everything, nor is everything needed. She has many episodes on DVD. But I did manage to get some of the Peter Davison episodes, most of the Colin Baker episodes, and I was catching up on the Sylvester McCoy episodes. For a while, I was watching the tapes before passing them along.

sistaur has neither satellite nor cable, and is simply too far away to pick up Iowa Public Television directly. As Fairmont is served about equally poorly all TV networks, cable is pretty much a de facto thing here, and one channel is Iowa Public Television. IPT has aired Doctor Who for years. And unfortunately I hadn't been taping it for very long, or I might have built up a reasonably good collection.

March was IPT's "Festival" (aka beg-a-thon) which messed up the schedule some. I kept an eye on the schedule and adjusted timer settings accordingly. Then classic (but not the new version of) Doctor Who disappeared from the schedule. The "Festival" is over, but the Doctor hasn't returned to the schedule. I figured maybe it was just by month, but it's April now and I still see "There are no broadcasts currently planned. Please check back for future broadcast dates." when I check the schedule. This is annoying. At the very least, I'd like to see the remaining Sylvester McCoy episodes.

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