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April 10th, 2009

Night cycle

I've been working a night shift for a while now and seem to have, finally, adjusted my schedule to match it reasonably well. I had last night off and around 11 PM I was getting a bit antsy. I haven't been properly exercising for a few weeks (and yes, it shows...) between an illness and schedule adjustment. The night was not exactly warm, but not freezing cold.

I went for a bicycle ride. This was the first time I've been out riding at night and so it took me a little while to set up the lights as I hadn't needed them before. Fortunately I had put the brackets in place late Summer or last Fall.

The ride itself went well overall. There is very little traffic in Fairmont on after 11 PM on a weeknight. What traffic there was mostly didn't affect me or kept well away as it passed me. There was one near-incident, however.

I had no trouble on Albion Ave (the street other than parts of Hwy 15 that has a higher speed limit than everywhere else in town). Traffic lights were not an issue as they were either in night mode or I could ride up and trigger the pedestrian crossing. Even around Shenanigan's (bar) there was no problem. But a fellow on a cross street stopped for the sign, looked right me (I saw his face) and started to pull out in front of me. A moment later the officer stopped and let me go by without further incident.

I rather enjoyed the night ride. It was rather peaceful and the lower traffic was nice. Also, by being on a bicycle and in the street, or on a bike trail, folks are probably less suspicious (if they are even awake to notice) than they might be of a pedestrian walking late at night.


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