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May 28th, 2009

Step where, how?

I was never into sports and that's putting much of it mildly. There were things that did interest me, such as radio. The book that I first learned much of electronics and radio from was originally written in the days of vacuum tubes. The later revision I read mentioned transistors but a mention was about it.

Thus I knew of electron current (just try to explain, sanely, how a vacuum tube works using "conventional current") and of the heater, cathode, grid, anode or plate, and such. This has an impact on how I hear or interpret at least one phrase.

While I know full well the intended baseball-derived meaning of "step up to the plate," whenever I hear that phrase I wonder why someone should closely approach the anode.


Friends Group Filter

I really only have one* and that is the ACME group. If you are not in that group and would like to be, let me know.

Someday I might have other groups, once I figure out what they should be and how best to deal with inclusion/exclusion from same.

So, want in on the ACME group so can either get an idea of what might be coming or help me conspire to fold bits of reality into more interesting shapes?

* That I publicly acknowledge. There are a few private ones that don't concern you unless you already know about them. They're more an e-mail substitute than anything.

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