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Scammy mail: The K-Designers example

I've mentioned this bit of scammy advertising (here and here) that attempts to trick the recipient of a post card into calling a number so as to bypass any Do Not Call listings. Since then, I've gotten yet another card from these jokers.

This time I didn't just toss it. Instead, I've scanned it so it can be an example for me to point out a few things. Also, I'm transcribing it so that search engines can find this entry and match it to any inquiries based on the text or phone numbers.

Notice a few things about this. First, there is no return address. That's suspicious as whoever sent it doesn't want anyone to know who they really are. There is no stamp, nor the typical post office applied postage, but something obviously from a place that sends out a lot of mail. Also, see that line with "AUTO**5-DIGIT"? That means that it's part of a mass-mailing. There were enough of these that sorting them all by ZIP code was beneficial to the sender to get a lower postage rate on the lot.

Ah, the incredible state of almost. The bulk-printed script that tries so hard to seem like personal writing so utterly fails. The emphasis on FREE is suspicious as is the short time limit. If this was truly an "award" then they wouldn't have to say "free" and certainly not twice, now would they?

It's also amusing that it opens with "I've been unable to reach you..." when there is obviously contact information is known enough to let them mail this.

The full text of the back of this alleged post card is as follows:

I've been unable to reach you about a free gift. Please call 1-800-728-3902 within the next five days to find out how to receive your FREE George Foreman Grill.

Chris Johnson

Awards Coordinator

And just to make it a bit easier for searches, that phone number not to call is 18007283902 or 8007283902 or 1 800 728 3902 or 1-800-728-3902 or 800-728-3902.

For anyone who didn't bother with the links and wonders just who these jokers are and what this about, this is from K-Designers and they want people to call them so they can try to sell siding. Supposedly if you endure their sales pitch(es) you will actually eventually get a grill. Gee, why don't they say who they are or what their product is before people call?

Looking around the net some, it seems they went with this gimmick when Do Not Call went into effect and they couldn't interrupt your supper anymore. That should give some idea of how ethical these jokers are.

UPDATE 03 November 2008:

In the space of a few minutes from 3:23 CST to 3:31 CST (by LiveJournal's clock) today there were several posts all from IP Address ( each claiming to be a different satisfied customer, in at least three different states. All from the very same IP address. All in a few minutes. What does that mean? One person, using the same computer, pretending to be multiple people. This is called Astroturfing as it is an attempt to appear to be a grassroots thing but is, like astroturf, not the real thing. This is the second time someone at a single IP claimed to be multiple people, all of whom happened to be defending K-Designers. I hardly need to say what this says about the company, or at the very least about some of its employees.


They have a new card now. It's still a "free gift, call us" ploy, but at least now the card has K-Designers' return address as an identifying mark.

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