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All Corn Pops are not created equal

On and off for some time I've heard timmowarner complain about the inferiority of Canadian Corn Pops as compared with United States Corn Pops. I didn't quite get what exactly he was going on about. Corn Pops were Corn Pops, right? Wrong.

When jmaynard was in Canada a few weeks ago he asked me if there was anything I wanted him to bring back. Naturally I suggested he bring some proper Smarties (which are like M&Ms but better, and not the pastel colored chalk discs that are called Smarties in the U.S.A.). I also asked for a small box of Corn Pops so I could finally see what the difference was.

Even upon just seeing the box, it was clear that this was (these were?) another cereal entirely.

See? The picture on the box shows Canadian Corn Pops to be something like Kix.

Top: Kix, Lower Left: Corn Pops - Canada, Lower Right: Corn Pops - U.S.A.

The taste is quite different. Obviously, the Canadian version doesn't have the sugar glaze that U.S. Corn Pops have. However, they don't taste like Kix either. I don't think it's just that the Canadian Corn Pops have some oat content. It could be any of a few things, or a combination of them.

The Canadian Corn Pops are not made with corn syrup, but with proper sugar, there is some baking soda, and there is "fancy molasses" in place of just "molasses." Also, the Canadian version doesn't have as many vitamin and mineral additives as the U.S. version. Instead it seems to just have iron, zinc, and the B vitamins.

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