Vakkotaur (vakkotaur) wrote,

Please consider an InsaneJournal account. Permanent Accounts on sale now.

You might have noticed the mess that LiveJournal/SUP has inflicted on itself. If you're thinking about getting an alternate or backup account someplace, InsaneJournal has an excellent reputation. You can get a permanent account at IJ today (well, for 24 hours, not sure how many hours to go) for $75. That's higher than the usual IJ rate as 50% will be donated to the Safe Harbor Animal Rescue which had a fire. See here. Even so, that $75 is still only half or less what an LJ permanent account would cost if they were ever offered again, and IJ treats its users as people rather than commodities as LJ does.

Even if you don't go for the permanent account, please consider getting an IJ account anyway. It is looking to me like LiveJournal is approaching the tipping point of killing itself. It won't happen right this instant, but if LJ/SUP continues on its current path, which seems all too likely, I don't expect it too last more than several months in the form that people have come to know and expect.

Tags: insanejournal, livejournal
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