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MX Holidays - It's harder to hit a moving target.

jmaynard and I visited my folks at Thanksgiving and we took care of at least some of Christmas then. sistaur was going to visit my folks at Christmas, while Jay and I were in Texas, but between weather and illness that didn't work out. We were all going to get together on Easter but scheduling, illness, and weather made that another no-go. So it was yesterday that we finally all met at sistaur's place for a late Easter and the last bit of Christmas. It all seemed to work out rather well.

Those who were still getting presents seemed to be quite appreciative of them which was good. The meal was good. And it's the first time we've all met together in considerable time. With that, and a couple visits to some stores looking for a few things (not holiday related) Saturday was a rather long but very good day.

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