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South Park: Canada On Strike

I was surprised a couple nights ago when bronxelf_ag001 IMed me, asking if we got Comedy Central and saying that Jay was on South Park. jmaynard didn't know anything of this, but I did manage to find Comedy Central on the local cable system, just in time to see a brawl where various internet sensations were killed off. The Tron Guy was done in by a panda.

We now have a tape of the episode, and we both watched as that episode aired again last night so we've now seen it in full. Jay has posted about it. As the bit at the opening of show says, the voices are "impersonated... badly." I've suggested to Jay that he might want to record some, though not all, of the lines as if he was doing ADR and let people compare.

As for the show itself, I think it just confirmed that, other than this appearance, I am not really missing anything by not watching it. Annoyingly, some fragments of the dialog and irritating voicing has been stuck in my mind as a bit of an earworm. That, fortunately, is fading.

And no, I am not looking to get or make a panda fursuit.

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