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I haven't tried to join the military and been rejected. That's "Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas" which seems rather a pompous claim. I am not sure it's the favorite or if it is just the default, there not being any other such. Last year someone came up with the idea to have a bunch of fursuits "face off" against each other on line in what amounts to a popularity contest. Supposedly there was a performance aspect to it, but it really seems to come down to a popularity contest with "Oh, I know that person" or "I know that suit maker" or even "I think that one is prettier." and such. So I have been merrily ignoring the whole thing, as it didn't seem to have much point.

A few nights ago Draconis IM-ed me asking if I minded if he nominated Orvan for this. I replied that I found the whole thing rather silly and pointless, but I wouldn't stop him. He replied that if nothing else at least it would be some publicity, which I do concede. I'm unsure if it's good way to get it, but there is that "as long as they spell the name right" comment. This has caused some trouble as the name submitted was "Orvan the Ox" and not "Orvan Ox" so an entry on WikiFur had to be corrected to point to Orvan's entry rather than the "there is no entry for..." page. I'm not sure if even "Orvan Ox' would have worked as the entry is "Orvan_Ox" as I recall.

I think crssafox pretty much sums it up even if I have not done nearly as much. Sure, I could have declined and I did consider it. But realistically I do not expect to win (there's nothing to win, anyway) and so I'm looking at it as a publicity stunt and nothing more.

I am not asking for your, or anyone else's, vote, nor will I be asking. I will also not be voting in this. What you do is up to you. If you follow this, you might let me know when it's over, or over for me (and Orvan). Thank you. Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I have some stuff to do to get ready for Penguicon.

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