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Spin Control

Have a look at the animated gif (the one that isn't an ad) on this page and see which way the figures seems to go around.

I see the figure turning clockwise. Every time. If I cover up one area or another, I still get clockwise. If I concentrate on another part of the screen or read something and only see it in the periphery, I still get clockwise. To me, the visual cues seem to scream that this is clockwise motion.

I was starting to think this was some gag, but it wasn't posted on April first and someone I know claims he could use distraction to get the apparent motion to be counterclockwise. I am having a very difficult time seeing how the figure could be interpreted as anything but moving clockwise.

Even if it's just me, I'm not sure I agree with the alleged left/right brain claims. According to this test, I should have more "left brain" characteristics, but I think that fit the "right brain" list they show rather better.

So either my perception is screwy, the article has left-right mixed up (checking around a bit, the lists seem), the test is not as useful as it would try to be, or perhaps the text valid but only in concert with many others and it's in the set that I "get wrong." Wait, that was a set of possibilities so there's some of that "right brain" stuff. And now I've just taken a couple on-line tests that both say "left brain" to me.

Of course, unless one has had very radical surgery, everyone uses both sides of the brain. And there are things like the claim that right-handed folks tend to be "left-brained" and vice versa. I am right handed. But when at a computer, I use a trackball (or mouse) with my left hand. I actually find it awkward to use a mouse or trackball with my right hand. I might further confound some people by not reversing the buttons on the mouse.

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