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One thing Apple got right about Mac OS X is the Software Update. It alerts the user to updates when they are available and lets them be installed on the user's schedule without too much fuss. Except for QuickTime.

I have updated QuickTime at least three times now (in a surprisingly short time, I wonder how many holes are in the thing). Software Update alerts me and offers to take care of it. I have yet to see it do that with QuickTime. I don't know what's special (in the short bus sense) about QuickTime and Software Update but they earn on F on "getting along." The alert shows up, the offer is made, my password is asked for (and supplied) and almost immediately up pops a message that there was an error and the bad package trashed. I acknowledge the message... and software update suggests I do what just failed. If I do, the loop goes on and on.

I can update QuickTime, to Software Update's satisfaction, by downloading it with a browser and dealing with it manually. So I've done that. But it's really annoying to see a tool consistently fail on a situation that is common. perhaps Software Update needs an update? Right now I'd like at least one of two things regarding this: (1) Software Update to work as intended even with QuickTime. (2) QuickTime to be good enough to be version-stable for several months.

Both would be ideal. Just item 1 would be less hassle. I could settle for just item 2, if I only had to deal with once or maybe twice a year. I'm not sure if this is the third or fourth time this year QuickTime has needed updating. Is it in permanent beta?

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