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Information wins

InsaneJournal experienced a rather lengthy outage in the day day or two, but it wasn't a complete mystery. There is a Twitter InsaneJournal account that kept folks informed of what was going on. The news wasn't always good. In fact it looked rather bleak for a while. In the end there was no data loss and things were fully restored.

The reaction? There have a been a couple folks complaining that they should get additional time, and maybe they will get it, I don't know. I don't run the site. But those folks got replies (from fellow users, not admins) that pretty much told them to shape up. Someone even went so far as to create and announce a new community (or asylum if you prefer that designation) "no comp needed." The idea is people could join that sort of like signing a petition to say they do not expect any addition paid time or other goodies for the downtime.

This shows how much people appreciate being informed, even when the news isn't always good. That there has always been very open and spin-free communication from IJ certainly doesn't hurt.

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