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RCFM questions

I've seen a few posts from folks who said that for one reason or another they will not or might not be at RCFM. Also, I have only one or two fairly firm ideas for ACME delivery stuff at RCFM. This is sort of surprising, in a bad way. I expected I'd have a few ideas or get a few from various folks. I had a lot of suggestions for Penguicon and was able (with help) to make most of them work and so that went rather well.

I don't expect to do as much as I did at MFF and Penguicon, but having only two or three items bugs me some. Why? It feels like I'm not doing enough. On the good side, if Orvan isn't doing deliveries all the time, he has time to do other things, and so do I. But I'd still like to have a bit more. I figure half a dozen deliveries is a reasonable lower limit, and that's not counting any spur of the moment things that can happen when someone says, "Hey, could I get ACME to deliver this?"

The ideal item to deliver is inexpensive (easy to buy if need be), small (easy to haul across several states), and appreciated or found amusing by the recipient.

So since I am wondering who will be at RCFM and what more Orvan might do, here's a poll:


I'll be there!
I might just make it.
I won't be there, dagnabbit.
I won't be there, and I'm fine with that.

At RCFM, ACME should deliver _____________.

It should be delivered to ____________.

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