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Yes, caffeine is an alkaloid.

I've been backing down on caffeine since Penguicon and I think I've been fairly successful though the indicator isn't what I had expected. I had expected that I'd taper off and maybe have a can of Dr Pepper or a cup of coffee if I felt a headache coming on. And then I'd leave it at that.

I went out for breakfast this morning and had coffee. Regular coffee. About three cups. This, it turns out, wasn't what I should have done. I felt fine at the restaurant and for some time after I got home. Then I started feeling a bit odd. I suppose the best way to describe it is "high" as I don't feel bad, but I don't feel right either. I don't have the shakes and I don't feel overly awake or alert. Nor do I feel ill.

I have a few cans of Dr Pepper left and I think they should do for the next couple days. Hopefully then I'll done with caffeine for a while again.

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