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*GRUMBLE* At least it wasn't literally *poofsoot*

This morning one of belgian's fans got rather loud. It was the power supply fan. It eventually quieted down some, but I could still hear the sounds of the bearings as a low-volume pitch changed back and forth, like a European siren. Eventually I shut things down to get a look at things, decided there wasn't much I could do for a while, so powered belgian back up. Almost.

The lights light up. The fans spin. The CD drive drawer activates. I think the HDD spins up. But there is no video. And there is no *beep*. Crap. I hope it's just the power supply and nothing more. I'm using percheron for now. Not as fast, but Wolvix is with XFCE is lighter than PCLinuxOS with KDE. Fewer (and newer?) fans, too, so it's also quieter. The fonts aren't as nice, alas.

It looks like I get to make a trip to Mankato and Computer Renaissance for a power supply. Hopefully it'll just be one trip and the power supply will be all I need. I know it's been around five years of nearly constant service, so it should be expected, but it's still annoying when it happens.

ADDENDUM: After removing power and working the input voltage setting switch, I tried it again. And belgian came right up. I did discover one of the upgrades "improved" KDE in a manner I had to fix [Control Center | Desktop - Panels - Menus - Start menu style: KDE (instead of the irritating 'KICKOFF' style)]. I don't quite trust the power supply, but I don't need to make the trip to Mankato today now.

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