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It's not caffeine. It's sugar.

A couple weeks ago I posted about caffeine as it seemed to be having a rather potent effect. I haven't had caffeine for a some time now, but right now I'm experiencing the same odd altered state.

At breakfast I had a couple cups of decaff and assuming it wasn't a mix-up and really was decaff that suggests something other than caffeine is having an effect. The biggest deviation from the last several days is that I had one cup with a packet of sugar and that I had a muffin with a very sugary frosting. I'd never really noticed the "sugar rush" that I'd heard of, but maybe it was because I had a fairly high sugar intake much of the time. Now that I don't take in much straight sugar, it packs a wallop. It seems I have another reason to look out for sugary things. The feeling isn't bad, but it also isn't something I care much for.

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