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Contaminated rice

The Mexican place in town, which is generally pretty good, has undergone some changes. The name of the place changed a few times. Once upon a time it was the Three Amigos, then it became El Mariachi, and recently it became El Agave. I'm not sure of the Three Amigos era, but the menu has stayed pretty much the same through the recent name change, at least as far as listed items go.

Unfortunately in one way it's in sad, and downright perverse, decline. Some scoundrel, some rat-fink, some Schweinhundt has been adding peas to the rice. So far the contamination level has been low enough that it only takes a minute or two to parse through the rice and perform a yuckectomy. But the trend does not bode well. I fear it might end up being as bad as the fried rice at the Chinese place in town: so contaminated with peas that it's not worth bothering with at all. They used to have good pea-free fried rice, too, a long time ago.

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