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LJ Elections, recommendations and endorsements

I am not going say "Vote for $THIS_PERSON" as I believe it's best people make up their own minds. Read the posts linked from this post and see where the candidates at least claim to stand. It's also a good idea to go back and read the nomination posts to see just how seriously a candidate is taking things. The poll remains open for a week, so you can take your time and think things over. But do vote.

I do have a couple recommendations. Naturally I recommend you look at and consider jmaynard. I know him well and believe he means exactly what he says in both his nomination and positions posts. The experience he claims to have, he does have. He is my first choice, so I suggest you at least consider him.

My other recommendation is that you take a good look at squeaky19 who is my second choice. He runs InsaneJournal which runs on the open source LJ code. Naturally that is a concern of his. But what is key is how he runs IJ. It's a study in contrast with LJ. If LJ had taken the attitude he uses with IJ, "Nipplegate" and Strikethrough and Boldthrough and a few other LJ-messes never would have happened.

I do not have a third recommendation as I have not yet done my own research of all the candidates. Fortunately, I have several days to rectify that. It'll likely be a few days before I truly get started, as I'll be busy with RCFM.

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