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RCFM: Getting there

I was up fairly early and jmaynard and I got the car loaded and were underway at a reasonable enough time. We'd decided we didn't need to make Kentucky or Tennessee and some place in southern Illinois would do for a stopping point. We picked a route that included I-155 so it wasn't as far east as one I had taken a few times, but with the use of IL-4 also managed to avoid St. Louis - saving time, distance, and frustration. This route worked out rather well and we stayed in Mt. Vernon.

This was a bit more leisurely getting started as we were past the halfway point and not concerned about being late for anything. If anything, we wanted to not be too early so we wouldn't be waiting around to check in. The timing worked out about right, with the only difficulty being waiting for a luggage cart. This didn't take just too long, and those using the carts seemed to be reasonable about it: use it, release it.

I was pondering having Orvan show up some but there weren't that many folks around, and we hadn't had supper yet. Jay was asked if he could haul some of the cans and bottles from Brody's to the con and agreed. We wound up waiting for that to happen, and then there was the first negative experience. Jay stopped by the main entrance to the hotel and things had been half unloaded and then... nothing. Just waiting and waiting and no word about anything. Evidently it had been decided to have everyone (else?) unload at a different entrance and nobody bothered to either finish Jay's unloading or tell him to change locations. I wound up trying to sort through some of the confusion and snag a cart and finish that unloading - meanwhile many were wondering where all the Coke was, since Jay had most of it. When that was finally taken care of, we went to eat and got into Firehouse Subs just as they were closing, so we had our order to go. And by the time that was done, I was not about to get into suit, though I did stay up and wander about for a while.

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