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RCFM Saturday

I didn't bother with the hotel breakfast, choosing to sleep in or try to. The only thing I was concerned about on the schedule was the fursuit parade and once again that was a matter of launch window rather than precision timing. Unfortunately the assembly was in the room that seemed the least suited to it. The room was fairly small for the size of the group and it was the one without working air conditioning. Even standing near the vents didn't help. While 60+ fursuits isn't all that much compared to the parades at some cons where the count is well into the triple digits, I am once again debating if I should try to make a parade or not. I do agree with those who figure that it's better to be last than first when showing up for the lineup. There really is no set order other than perhaps the very beginning and very ending, so being at there at the start of assembly to be in the middle doesn't make much sense. It just means more standing around and waiting - the thing not to do in suit.

After the parade I stayed out a while, and Orvan had some time just to be an ox, rather than doing deliveries or giving away candy. I think he gave away some beads, too. A few times he was asked by the (potential) recipients if they needed to flash parts of their anatomy to get the beads. They did not, and Orvan indicated such. Being asked does make me wonder how much was pure jest (I assume all of it was) and how much might have actually happened if Orvan were an unscrupulous cad, which he is most certainly not.

Most of the rest of the deliveries happened on Saturday, with the idea to get them all done before Sunday so that I and Orvan would have time off the clock as it were. The last of the candy was given away as well. One late delivery was to Sabrina, the Mystery Guest of Honor. It was amusing to hear the comment as the contents of the parcel were explored, "Oh, someone knows me!" when a certain item was discovered. Why was it amusing? The parcel had been assembled and sealed several days earlier, long before the Mystery GoH was selected. I've seen wildbilltx photos of that delivery and I know there were others. I hope I can find them or they find me. The more photos I can choose from, the better, for the ACME gallery.

In the evening, after I figured Orvan was done for the night, I did meet up with the fellow who got the ACME ales and we each had one. The India Pale Ale suits its purpose well and is quite drinkable without refrigeration. Also, Orvan now has an ACME bottle cap, amongst others.

What surprised me was how little was actually going on Saturday night if one wasn't into loud music and dancing, gaming, or a booster. The game and LAN rooms were going, the Booster/GoH party was going on, and there was a dance. But if one was not a gamer or booster and didn't care to have their ears assaulted the place was pretty much dead. I "took the nickel tour" and walked every hallway in the hotel looking for any activity and really didn't find much. That's when I noticed Firr's sign on the third floor and, having nothing else to do, made up a new one for his(?) door.

At LibertyCon Saturday night was active and there was a Room Party Row to choose from or wander through. The same is true of Penguicon. MFF had various activity and I don't think it was just a matter of size. RCFM seems a bit of an aberration here. I didn't notice the last couple years as I was a booster. There was another party, put on by the FWA folks (which I only half joking say stands for "Furs With Alcohol") but it was another thing with loud music so it wasn't something I cared to be at.

I spent some time in the lobby, talking with one or two folks including some of the hotel staff. It was interesting to hear how RCFM was considered. RCFM does make for a change of pace and fairly pleasant one overall, so we were told. Considering the folks tend to be trapped behind the counter and how some photos look that were taken in a hallway, I have something new to remember. Or Orvan does. If the lobby isn't crowded, haul the parcel recipient there where there is more room and better light, and the hotel folks can get a decent view of things.

Eventually there was a late panel that I recognized a person or two in, which turned out to be some pagan furs thing but it seemed to be ending as arrived. Or rather, it turned into some mil-furs swapping Navy stories of dubious factual content. I was amused, in a bad way, by one persons claim that 30 MHz radio going beyond line of site was a sign of strange goings on in the Bermuda Triangle. I was polite and didn't laugh myself onto the floor at that silly claim. Sure, when the band is closed, you can dump kilowatts into it and be lucky to barely get over the horizon. But when the band is open, it doesn't take much to talk across a continent - or an ocean.

This gradually changed to various non-naval stories. Bushycat claimed she didn't have anything really amusing, then proceeded to get everyone else laughing nearly to tears with a story about someone cooking Spaghettios the wrong way: by putting a sealed can in a fire. She painted a very vivid image of the area getting a Spaghettio decor from the resulting explosion. There was also discussion of trolls and how people see a single aspect of someone or something on the web and jump to all sorts of silly conclusions. I believe I have a better perspective on that than many, considering some of the events of the last few years. I wound up staying up until nearly 3 AM, to my utter surprise. Considering how dead things seemed earlier, I had expected I'd get to sleep much earlier than I had the night before.

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