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RCFM Sunday

Despite staying up late again, I didn't sleep in as such. I probably overate at breakfast, trying to get money's worth from the thing and for Friday as well. If the breakfast is not truly included next year, I ought to just get some cereal and skim milk and be done with it. I won't have to leave the room for breakfast and I'd be set for the weekend with very little expense.

One last delivery simply did not happen as I was unable to locate the recipient and was also unable to locate anyone who even knew the recipient. Fortunately it was a fairly minor thing and the parcel was something that would likely make the most sense earlier in the convention. There was an additional delivery. Smrgol found a piece of automotive trim someplace and recognized it as matching an RCFM staffer's car, so it was quickly boxed and delivered. This was after rejecting the idea of doing the delivery at Closing Ceremonies. I don't know if the reaction got back to Smrgol by radio or by grapevine, but get back it did. "I know you just deliver... But.. THEY'RE TAKING APART MY CAR!"

Orvan was out just on his own for a while, not for ACME at all, and wound up being the last of those getting photos taken by the folks. Looking at the photos now, I really wish someone had told me that I needed to re-arrange things a bit. It's a little too obvious in places that the suit is a partial. The fur obviously ends in places it should not, and a minor adjustment of clothing would have had the photos looking much better. As it is, the photographic quality is fine (good resolution, not grainy, decent color) but the subject isn't what he should be, so the result is disappointing. It's so frustratingly "almost."

A bunch of beads were also disposed of. I'd acquired these rather by accident at LibertyCon and wasn't sure what to do with them. The "deep six" theme suggested some sort of treasure bit, rather than the Mardi Gras bit that folks suggested, but however it was considered I am no longer tripping over them.

Jay and I attended Closing Ceremonies, and I suspect we both had the same reason: to be able to claim any of the prizes drawn if we were fortunate enough to win them. We weren't. I wasn't expecting to, but I will admit that I had plans to repartition a laptop and put PCLinuxOS on it and finally have a laptop that could be configured to match me rather than put up with one I had adapt to. Ah well. It would have been poor form to bolt just then, and I did want to see the new pick by the "Wheel of Blame" as I'd decided how to handle the one undelivered item. I know everyone meant well, thanking everyone and going on about things, and the auction of an item was for a good cause indeed and did raise a surprising sum, but man it sure seemed to drag on. When it was finally over, Jay and I bolted back to our room. He took one look at the line for pizza and decided he didn't have the patience left and so went out to grab something, and also visit the local airport.

I decided to wait out the line and get some of the pizza. It didn't take just too long, but I did check a few times. While waiting I gave the undelivered item (recipient label removed) to the person who the Wheel of Blame had picked. The box contained a couple packets of caffeine pills and a couple energy drinks. When I finally went through the line, there wasn't a line left as such. That's fine with me. And the kinds of pizza that were left were generally the kind I preferred anyway so it all worked out rather well for me. I was also invited to partake of some sake and sampled it with some trepidation.

Jay had found some sake a while back really didn't do much for me. I told him he was more than welcome to finish the stuff off without my help. This, however, seemed to be much better to me. And I understand the desire for the soothing (thermal) warmth of the stuff at the end of a convention. I was also able to sample a bit of the mix that had been made for the booster party. I did sample it, but, well, it looked rather unappetizing and seemed like it was one of those sneak-attack drinks: sweet enough to disguise the fist it'll hit you with later. So I didn't have very much of that. I've never had a hangover and I aim to keep it that way.

I was up a while longer after things broke up there and I wandered about for a bit. There were a few things happening, but nothing that really grabbed my attention. Or at least that didn't grab and hold it. As Monday would be a travel day and start out fairly early, it was just well that I got to sleep a couple hours earlier than the last couple days.

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