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RCFM: Going home

Monday morning was generally uneventful. Jay had packed up almost all of his stuff the night before and I packed up my stuff in the morning. Most things were loaded, breakfast was had (or was it the other way around?), the last few items were loaded and we checked out. As we came around to do handle the checkout, we saw someone just waiting at the curb with a bunch of stuff on a luggage cart. I wonder how many were waiting to actually use it.

An hour or two out I got a phone call. Or perhaps I should say that ACME Delivery got a call. It was from a number I didn't recognize and it was an Atlanta area number. Someone wanted ACME to deliver something. I didn't quite catch who it was, I do recall they mentioned a room number (I think it was 1331 but I'm not sure) nor was what was to be delivered or the recipient mentioned. I explained that I was already well on my way home and so would be unable to deal with that.

The weather forecast for the trip home was for generally lousy weather all the way. There was rain, and someplace in Tennessee or Kentucky I saw some odd clouds that got my attention. As I watched I saw the lower parts going in circles. Uh oh. It was east of us and heading east and we were heading north. Also, it was still slow rotation and not just too big. A while later either it was too far away or had come to nothing. There were no reports of tornadoes in the area on Monday so probably it just dissipated. Fine with me.

We retraced our route and took the IL-4 and I-155 route again, stopping for the night in Peoria. Supper was at a Cheddar's that we'd been to a few years ago with foolscap001 and irpooh when we visited the Jubilee Renaissance Faire.

We stopped for lunch in Cedar Rapids, someplace on Collins Road. It's still odd to see the guy wires from the local TV channel 2 go over the road. Lunch wasn't bad, but it was jarring to enter a place that allowed smoking and didn't have any real separation of smoking and nonsmoking. It was one big room with the ashtrays restricted to one area. As it has been put, this is about as effective as having a peeing and no-peeing section in a pool. I think that the next time I go into someplace and even smell tobacco smoke, I'll turn right around go back out, and elsewhere.

Outside the restaurant one of the newspapers had huge headline about what was obviously a tornado, listing the number of dead, number of home destroyed, number of businesses destroyed, width and length of the swath of destruction. And not saying where or when it all happened, at least that could be seen by looking at the paper through the window in the newspaper box. That was, of course, about Parkersburg, IA and the tornado that hit it on Sunday. A bit up I-380 we saw some trailers damaged at a dealer, obviously the effect of significant wind. But that was about all we saw of the effects of the earlier severe weather.

The rest of the day was uneventful, arriving home a bit before supper time and getting the car unloaded. We decided we weren't going to go out for anything and unpacked a bit and caught up on things some.

I'm sure I left out a bunch of stuff. Some of it will show up after I've dealt with the photos from RCFM. Unfortunately it seems a bunch didn't turn out. A lot are rather washed out and look overexposed, something that I hadn't had to deal with much in the digital age. I guess I get to see just how much GIMP can compensate for that.

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