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(Un)holy spam!

One of the things lurking in the mail was a letter addressed only to "Resident - To A Friend." This, of course, screams scummy advertising almost as loudly as the excessively bolded and multiple RED underlined text try to proclaim churchly miracles and the like.

This is the Prayer Rug Scam of the alleged "Saint Matthew's Churches" which exist as little more than a PO Box in Tulsa. The nonsense was sent from someplace in Granite Falls, MN.

Everything inside follows the theme: Text that screams like a bad televangelist (okkay, one that's even worse than the usual run of the lot), a paper "Prayer Rug" that's supposed to have some miraculous ability to change image (I haven't bothered with seeing if it's any particular optical illusion or just a matter of faith and placebo effect) that while mere paper is so important it must be returned to be passed on - never mind postal regulations (They send it to you, unsolicited, it's yours to do with as you see fit.) And a "prophecy" to be opened after other gyrations (ones that mark you as a sucker and get them your name and address) have been done. This is mainly filling out a sort of religious/prayer form letter. Which just happens to have a spot for a contribution. Unfortunately as there is nothing being explicitly sold, it doesn't qualify for the Form 1500 treatment it so richly deserves.

The obvious thing is to do is just recycle it. There's no personal information at all, so there's no point in running it through the shredder. The evil thing to do would be fill in someone else's information. I don't see much point in that sort of trollish crap, and even if I did there's nobody who is both on my fecal roster and whose address I happen to have about. I'm getting the feeling that I'm overlooking something. The "can't leave nothing alone" gene is twitching, as this nonsense just begs for some sort of shenanigan. Alas, nothing comes to mind.

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