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Question: Can Phanfare be trusted?

brace_bear takes a lot of con photos and puts them up on the web so anyone could view them. Or used to, and still wants to. I recall there was some issue with his previous image host (not sure who it was, it might well have been flickr but I can't say for sure) so he looked around and found... phanfare.

Phanfare screams "we want to spam you" at me. Why? You need to have an account to even look around. You need to be "friended" to look at anything. It's as if they are trying force a community site. Actually, they are. Recall anyone else that did a force-build of a community and succeeded? Me neither.

That in their explanation they refer to "third party e-mail marketing" by that euphemism scares me. Why not call spam what it is? It's spam. This suggests to me at least one of two things: They really don't understand how the net works. They are going to be spamming while claiming "spamming is that which we do not do."

The big touting of having both Windows and Mac gimmicks also amuses me in the wrong way. "We have both kinds of music, Country and Western!"

So... those who have had Phanfare accounts for a while: Have they kept their word? Are they merely clueless, or are they evil?

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