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A matter of perspective

Somewhere recently I read or at least skimmed a quick book review by someone who mentioned a sex scene that was skipped over, "another threesome fantasy.. skip" or close to that. That reminded me of something that happened in college. It was just a conversation, so don't get your hopes up - or down. There was a woman in many of my classes, Kelly. She was either the only one or one of very few, and so she got some attention. She handled it and herself quite well and summed it up as "Really, I'm just one of the guys."

I don't think it was her boyfriend, but more likely someone who wished to be her boyfriend who was pestering her one day about the idea of a threesome. He figured it would be a very cool thing and she was thoroughly put off by the idea. This went on for a while, and it was getting to be distracting and not in a good way. I realized I had been handed the equivalent of a good straight line and it was time for a punch line.

"Kelly," I said, "I think you're looking at it wrong. I expect you'd really like it, but you'd have to set one condition." This got the attention of both of them. The guy was still far too hopeful and Kelly was suspicious but curious. She or they asked about the condition. I replied, "Simple, you get to pick who the other guy is." *ZERO TIME PASSES* Kelly lit up with a huge grin, and the guy's mood turned from eagerness to disgust. In an instant, they had traded attitudes.

I was still distracted for a while, but now I was giggling. I was not alone in that.

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