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ACME Deliveries at Midwest FurFest 2008

I'm getting a bit of a head start on things for ACME at MFF. I'll have a couple other ACME polls for Penguicon and RCFM later this month.

I'm looking for suggestions of what ACME should deliver at MFF this year, and who things should be delivered to.

I'd like to avoid repeat recipients if possible, so that it isn't "Oh, ACME only delivers to that group." That's at an individual level. It certainly makes sense for the Guests of Honor to get something, but "So & so gets something every year" is what I am concerned about.


1. Deliveries should be appreciated by or humorous to the recipient. A mild zing is fine, an outright insult is not.

2. Items delivered should be small to ease packaging and transport.

3. Items should be inexpensive, so that all the deliveries combined don't get out of hand.

4. It's best if the delivery is kept a surprise as much as possible. But the delivery ox might need some guidance to the recipient.

5. ACME is not Santa Claus. Please do not suggest items for yourself. It'd spoil the surprise.

Numbers 2 and 3 are not an issue if I don't have to purchase and haul the item (that is, you supply it). I would need to know the size to have packaging ready.

Who can be a recipient? ANYONE who will be there. Jane or Joe Attendee. It doesn't have to be a GoH or a member of con staff. As mentioned above, it would be best to avoid suggesting things for those who had deliveries last year, to spread things out. But if something is just too good not to do, well, they aren't immune either.

On with the poll!

Poll #1199755 ACME and MFF 2008
This poll is closed.

Midwest FurFest?

I'll be there!
I might just make it.
I won't be there, dagnabbit.
I won't be there, and I'm fine with that.

A.1.) At MFF, ACME should send ______.

A.2.) And that should be delivered to ______.

A.3.) Here's why:

B.1.) At MFF, ACME should send ______.

B.2.) And that should be delivered to ______.

B.3.) Here's why:

C.1.) At MFF, ACME should send ______.

C.2.) And that should be delivered to ______.

C.3.) Here's why:

Presence at the delivery?

I must be there!
It'd be nice, but isn't that big a deal.
I'll be too busy, most likely.
I won't even be at MFF.

I can (or will need to) guide Orvan to the suggested recipient(s).

Yes, I'll guide or make arrangements
No, Orvan shouldn't need help for this.
No, Orvan is on his own.

Additional comment space.

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