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Prince Caspian reduced to five panels

A while ago I saw the movie Prince Caspian and enjoyed it for the most part. There were some bits that I didn't care for, and some that didn't quite make sense. Perhaps I forgave a lot since it portrayed centaurs in a good light rather than as evil or base creature with one bright exception amongst them. Since then I've seen a few reviews. One said it did well to jettison much of the book, but most claimed that too much was tossed. Some was clearly in the script and cut, which resulted in the parts that really seem not to fit.

However you look at it, it was rather simplistic and I'm not sure if that was due the children's book source or due to the moviemakers. I suspect the moviemaking process is responsible as the book's author said that the one to never do in a children's book is to talk down to your audience. The movie did seem to follow the plot summed up in this Shortpacked comic.

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