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Fairmont Fly-in Breakfast

The local airport in Fairmont had their fly-in breakfast this morning, going from 7:00 or 7:30 to noon. For some time now jmaynard had been reminded "You have to have your plane here for the fly-in breakfast." He heard this often enough to comment, "You'd think nobody here had ever seen a new airplane before."

Well, since he got home yesterday*, he was. And his plane was out, displayed for folks to see. He answered a lot of questions. Most of them many times.

It was a nice, clear morning and there were a lot of people and a lot of planes. As the morning went on, puffy cumulus clouds started showing up. After things had pretty much wound down, Jay took me up for a few minutes mainly so I could say that I've had a flight in his plane. It was rather bumpy, as the clouds indicated. As it was around noon and I hadn't had lunch yet it wasn't too big a deal. While I think I could have handled the bumpy air for some time, I'm perfectly happy not to. The flight was fairly short, but it was just the first for me in N55ZC. There will be more.

* For once I could pick someone up at the airport and not need to drive 2+ hours to do it.

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