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Replacing the Nash

The last week or so jmaynard and I have been dealing with a Nash. Not the car, the fridge. Yes, fridge. Okkay, it says Kelvinator on the door, but it was made by the Nash Kelvinator company. That means it was made in 1954 at the very latest.

This thing was the fridge that was left in the hangar for Jay to use. While it runs and does "make cold" it is showing signs of aging. Not merely just being old, which the latch on the door indicates (No magnetic easy-escape safety seal here. This is the sort of fridge the old PSA's warned about) as does the complete absence of any shelving at all on the door. One shelf-rack is missing and the parts that would hold it in place are broken anyway. The latch is loose and wobbly, and the seal doesn't seal properly. I'm not sure that fixing the latch would make it seal any better. And it is a 50+ year old appliance, with all the inefficiencies that that implies. I've looked up the model number (ANC-R, if you were wondering) and the thing doesn't seem to exist. Not even places that say "We have Kelvinator parts" on Google acknowledge this model.

Rather than deal with all that, this afternoon we just replaced the old fridge a new GE. It's smaller, but with a full compliment of shelves it really holds more. The thing is now full (water and Diet Coke), with stuff on every shelf, and the shelves and such on the door are full, too.

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