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About Two Restaurants

The KFC in Fairmont has closed, and the property is to be auctioned off. Not too big a deal, as I hadn't gone there in a year or two and jmaynard doesn't care much for fried chicken. We do wonder what will happen to the building, but it's not any great concern.

Today Jay upgraded his iPhone and started at various applications and TripAdvisor suggested a restaurant in Northrop. That was the only one it came up with for Fairmont. We decided to give it a try, and when we found it we also found that the database was out of date as the place had a different name. It's now Sheri's. I suspect it's the only restaurant (and bar) in tiny Northrop. We both tried the Friday fish fry and I think they got it right. We'll be trying the place again sometime. If they do steak reasonably well they'll definitely be on the list.

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