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Of course it's raining now.

The flat bicycle tire I didn't really fix has finally been replaced. I had the new inner tube, but new tires were on order. The tires arrived Monday. Naturally the last weekend was good cycling weather. And then I was out of town for a few days, so jmaynard picked up the tires.

I got home a few days ago, but didn't really have time or reasonable weather to take care of things. Today wasn't just too hot, and there was sufficient break in the rain that things dried up for a while, so I finally managed to change the flat. I'm leaving the other tire alone for now. New tube, new tire, and while the wheel was off of the bike, I drove to a gas station with an air compressor and got it properly inflated.

Once things were reassembled it was time for a ride. I didn't get just too far. Things went well with the bike, but the sky got dark and then I felt a few light drops so I turned around. Somewhat to my surprise I managed to get home without getting soaked. I got back just in time. There's plenty of rain and thunder now. I don't think I'll be going anywhere this evening.

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