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Today's ride(s).

Today was a fairly nice day, so I went cycling. A somewhat roundabout but not too bad route got me from home to Dairy Queen (which I haven't stopped at in about ten years) without being on the main streets very much. I had to try the Thin Mint Blizzard. It's good, but I don't need to (and probably shouldn't) do that again.

Next I went out to the airport but almost nobody was around, so I just came back into town. Getting off of the main street/road I wound my way to K-Mart but found the only place I could reasonably park and lock the bike was at the movie theater. The barrier in front of the gas meter is ideal for that, and that's well out of everyone else's way. You'd think K-Mart or the movie theater would have a bike rack somewhere. Nope.

After eventually finding what I was looking for in the store, I cycled home. It was something of a workout, but only because heat, distance, hills, and that I haven't been doing that for so long. No tire problems this trip.

Once home I decided to have one last look at the blown tube I replaced. I found that my earlier patch job wasn't very good and it didn't surprise me much. Evidently there were two things I did wrong. One, I used "glueless" patches which I gather are about as good as "solderless" connectors ("solderless" is another word for "useless" there) and two, I rushed it. I did try a proper glue patch, but the result was unsatisfactory due to the previous patch attempt. Rather than have the tube tempting me any more, I cut it so it can't be patched. I did save some of the remains - it can become patches if need be. Hopefully I won't need to resort to using it that way.

And when all that was taken care of and I'd been back in the house a while, then it rained a little.

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