Vakkotaur (vakkotaur) wrote,

So long, Starbucks. Big deal.

It was something of a surprise a couple years ago when a Starbucks was built (about where the Happy Chef had been) in Fairmont. Starbucks? The purveyors of overroasted, overpriced, pretentious coffee... in Fairmont? It didn't make sense.

And now, Starbucks corporate has finally figured that out. The 600 Starbucks that are scheduled for closure include the one in Fairmont, which should surprise nobody. I don't know how profitable this one is or is not, but then I don't frequent the place. I have gone there a few times, and at least a couple times it seemed reasonably busy. But it held no great attraction for me.

For coffee at home there is Jay's Flavia machine though the prepared packs for it are rather limited, especially for decaff. I'm not above making do with Folgers instant. And if I'm on the road or about to be, I can spend less and get better at Kwik Trip.

I do wonder what will become of the property after the closure, but that's just curiosity and no great concern.

Tags: coffee, fairmont
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