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EAA / Oshkosh

That's how I (and many others) think of it. The EAA has branded the gathering under the name AirVenture which doesn't do anything for me. I haven't been to the gathering, ever. That is about to change.

In a couple hours, jmaynard and I will be flying to Merrill, WI. We'll stay overnight with my folks there, and then we all (not sure of the exact arrangements) will be going to Oshkosh, possibly by way of Appleton and spending much of the day there. The plans are not exact. We might return to Fairmont Thursday evening, or we might stay another night in Merrill and return on Friday.

We all know that one day at Oshkosh is not enough to see everything. We don't plan to try to see everything. Myself, I don't have any specific plans to see anything. There will be plenty pretty much anywhere I care to look.

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