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Bicycle routes, construction, night riding?

A few days ago I did stop in at the chamber of commerce and inquired about bicycle route maps and such. I was given two maps. One was the full city map, with the route and trail system marked and the other was a smaller simplified map that shows little more than the trail system.

The small map is probably more accurate about one thing. The big map shows a paved trail on the west side of Hall Lake that unless I am very much mistaken, is at best incomplete. I encountered that a few days ago. The trail is marked with a sign "Bike Route" a few yards before it just ends.

There is no list of place with bike racks, though there are a few that I missed earlier. The water park has a couple, as does the hospital, and a Salvation Army building (more a meeting place, I think. It's not the thrift store) and of course at least one school - I haven't checked others and don't particularly need to for myself.

Road work is beginning on Lake Street a bit before a bridge, with lakes on each (wide) side of the bridge, so any detour is likely to be a fairly long one. A local business (Harsco Track Technologies, formerly Fairmont Tamper) is permitting some limited traffic through its parking lot - just to get to the few businesses between the construction and the bridge. It's not meant for through traffic. I expect that will be abused and might not last very long. The trail system, however, has a leg that leads to area on the far side of the construction and doesn't look to be significantly longer than the way I would normally think of using to get to that area. At least, not longer from home. It would still be longer to get from there to just about anywhere else in town I might care to go. The main thing is that it lets me completely avoid Highway 39.

I have changed my mind about cycling on Highway 15, or at least part of it. I can avoid most of it by using alternate streets and frontage roads, but where they run out Highway 15 has a nice wide paved shoulder. That means that I can cycle to just about anyplace in town other than Wal-Mart and I don't see any point to going there by bicycle anyway.

I have avoided the idea of night riding as night riding seems less than sane to me. But daylight is decreasing already. So I am thinking of equipping the bike for night riding, even if only so that I don't have to worry about getting home before sunset. And I could be that much more visible in that long shadow time when the sun is low. That the early morning and late evening is the cooler part of the day also makes the idea appealing, at least in the hot Summer.

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