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Backing off again, slowly.

In the last several weeks I've found that my caffeine intake had crept up quite a bit. About a week ago I think I really noticed it. I had a headache that didn't go away until I had some caffeine. Not good. I don't think I truly got away from caffeine for any real length of time since RCFM and perhaps Penguicon. While I don't avoid caffeine at conventions, for the last few years I have been largely avoiding it at home. So it was time do Do Something About It, again.

I started about a week ago. I restrict myself to one cup of caffeinated coffee in the morning. Any more can be decaff. And I bought a six-pack of 24 fl. oz. Diet Dr Pepper and had half a bottle at lunch and the other half at supper. I finished the last bottle today and so bought an eight-pack of 12 oz. bottles of Diet Coke (there were no six-packs in that size at the store) and I'll have a bottle with lunch for the next week or so. Then I either drop the non-morning caffeine completely or ease back with another week of those little "sawed off" cans of Diet Coke. After a week of just the coffee, the caffeinated coffee will stop as well.

While at the store, I also picked up a couple 2 liter bottles of caffeine free pop, as I expect I might have some cravings for something carbonated. And once I'm finished with those, I'll be keeping the bottles around rather than toss them in the recycle bin. They will be useful for a little project.

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