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Yeastie beasties

Yesterday morning I started a bottle of what should hopefully be vanilla cream soda. This morning the bottle is more firm. That is, harder to indent by pressing it with my thumb. Some bubbles or foam can be seen at the top the liquid. It'll be another day, at least, before it's ready but it is progressing. I'm tempted to start another bottle, but I think it'd be better to wait and see how the first one turns out.

I was getting a bit impatient about detecting any activity last night so I followed the directions on the yeast packet. Well, sort of. I only added a little bit of it to some warm sugar water and didn't notice any activity right away. That doesn't mean there wasn't any activity, just that I didn't notice it. So I added the rest of the packet and waited. And for a while I thought nothing was happening. Then I realized that surface I was looking at wasn't changing (bubbling) bit it was rising and the sugar water was growing a head of foam. Yeah, I haven't done this before and it showed.

With the yeast started, even though the expense was small I didn't care to just dump it down the drain. I did a quick web search for single-loaf bread recipes and found a couple. I settled on this one and went to it. I learned a couple things. One is that the multi-loaf recipes do make sense. If you're going to do the work to make bread, you might as well do a bunch at once and be done for a while. And the other is more a confirmation. Freshly baked bread is dangerous as it's way too easy to eat a lot of it. Even the heels of a loaf are good then. Normally they're just endcaps. My supper was (too much) buttered bread. Also, either I need to have the oven hotter or (despite the claims of the recipe page) pre-heat the oven. Even adding some baking time the bread didn't seem quite done. Certainly not bad, but just not quite what it should have been. For my first attempt at leavened bread "from scratch" I'll take it. I will be doing this again, just not right away. Once I get things right, then I'll see about variations.

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