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So that's honeysuckle

One of the things jmaynard and I buy at faires is soap. There are various scents and while we have our preferences, it's nice to have a change every now and then, so we tend to get a variety. The vendor we like to deal with wasn't at Siouxland (family issue, we were told) nor at WiRF when we went there. As the supply was getting low, Jay ordered some more. When the shipment arrived, the vendor had included a couple scents that weren't ordered, evidently as samples to try. One is Ginger Orange, which we have yet to try. The other is "100% Vegetarian Honeysuckle." Jay took one sniff of that and decided it was too flowery and wanted nothing to do with it.

Since he's gone this week, I decided to use it. Yep, it's flowery alright. But it's familiar. I recalled the scent from childhood, from when the family lived in town or at least from that block (one set of grandparents lived on the same block, so even after moving away it was a common area to visit). I don't recall where on that block, exactly, but I do recall that scent. I never knew the name of it, nor would I have been able to identify the flower, but now I know. It's honeysuckle and there's no mistaking it.

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