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Fly here, fly there.

jmaynard and I spent last weekend or at least a significant chunk of it at a fly-in up in Sidnaw, MI and had a good time away from pretty much everything. Cell signal, what's that? I enjoyed the dark skies and someone brought a nice Celestron 6 inch telescope and we got a look at a few things. The fly-in lasted a couple days, or at least was spread over an evening, another day, and a morning so it was an extended thing as fly-ins tend to go.

Today there were a few in the area, two in the morning and one in the evening. We flew to breakfast in Jackson, MN and then home. Later we fly over to Blue Earth for supper as unlike most such gatherings, they had theirs in the afternoon and evening. We got back before the bad weather arrived, but it sure looked threatening to west. Sometime after we got home the wind shifted, and became gustier, so it seems we timed things fairly well.

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