Vakkotaur (vakkotaur) wrote,

"Drink our garbage!"

The new Pepsi logo is drawing some attention. I'm even writing about it and I don't care for Pepsi. No, I don't believe that it's a stylized version of the Obama "O" thing. Pepsi has used variations on the theme of red, white, and blue in a circle for some time. Those who really track these things noticed that the new logo isn't all that new anyway. The coincidence, which is all I expect it is, does mean there are folks talking about Pepsi who otherwise would not be. So it's an advertising bonus for them in the "There's no bad publicity, just spell the name right" way. This bit of Pepsi advertising reminded me of another.

Advertising does at times amuse me, and not always when the advertiser wishes it to. Ours was a Coca-Cola household, but there was a Pepsi item around. It was a trash can. It was a smallish thing, like might be found in a kitchen or bedroom. I remember it not being big around enough to seem like a enlarged can of Pepsi. Nowadays I could say that it looked more like an enlarged Red Bull can wearing Pepsi colors. This can amused me in a way, or perhaps confused me. Pepsi was getting their name and logo out and visible in daily life even away from their product. But a trash can? What does that say about their product? "Hi. Drink our cola. It's garbage."

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