Vakkotaur (vakkotaur) wrote,

At the polls

I seem to have timed my arrival at the polling place well this morning. There was a crowd leaving, and many driving in behind me, but I didn't have much of a wait. I noticed someone collecting exit polls outside the building, and there were folks filling out the exit poll forms. Ahead of me were, before the main voting area, were three or four people. One or two confirmed their ward and precinct and went into the main area right away. The older couple ahead of me I got to pass as they would be taking time with registering.

I went in and found the station for my ward and precinct, signed the book, got the ballot and waiting for the few folks ahead of me in line to get an open booth. It was only a few minutes and then I took a booth that had just been vacated. I think I spent more time filling out and double-checking the ballot than doing anything else. Finished, I left the booth and fed the ballot into a scanner and got the little "I voted" sticker.

When I left the situation had changed. Now there was not only a line, but it ran down the hall and out the door. I stopped for a bit to fill out the exit poll (I gave the real answers, though I did think about reporting that I'd written in Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander.) and was then on my way, at least after negotiating the parking lot traffic.

It looked like a heavy turn-out just before I arrived and just after I voted. When I left the parking lot there were many cars coming in. It wasn't just new young voters registering, but older folks as well as mentioned above.

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