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"Mouse footballs"

That's the term Pa uses for mouse excrement, which is of course a sign of a mouse getting into things. Not too long ago a mouse got into the kitchen. That mouse (and so far it seems to have been just the one) has been Dealt With. And I've cleaned the kitchen and contents wherever there has been any evidence of a mouse having been there. Or where I even just suspected a mouse might have been. Which was most of the kitchen.

In all this cleaning a few things were thrown out and most of them were no real loss. Organization has increased and I've found a few things that will be useful. And now that things are better organized, will be used: Corningware that can go in the microwave, a big wok-like frying pan, a small pot just right for a can of soup or a serving or two of hot cereal. I hadn't forgotten about all of it, but now that I can reasonably get at it, I'll be using it.

With the cleaning and organizing I feel better about the kitchen and want to use it a bit more. This is good and bad. I should cook, but it seems I want more to bake. I shouldn't bake. I'd end up eating the results and that's not what I need to be doing. But I think I will be doing a bit more whether cooking or baking.

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