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Time Accelerates On

When I was a kid I would see things in old movies that were pretty much like the things around me. There were differences, but some stuff still used tubes. Music that wasn't on the radio often was from a phonograph. Cameras used film. Phones had rotary dials. But things have changed. The last few vacuum tubes in the house are the picture tubes (CRTs) and the magnetron in the microwave. Camera now means digital. Phones have buttons. Music is from... a CD maybe, but more often mp3. Even the lights are changing from incandescent to CFL or LED depending on the application. Those old movies were old, but they didn't seem all that foreign. I suspect that to someone who grew up with the modern replacements of things, such films seem all that much more ancient. For them, the continuity is more broken than it was (and is) for me.

Vacuum tube electronics
Record players and records
Rotary dial telephones
Film cameras
Incandescent lights

What did I miss?

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