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MFF Deliveries 2008: A late con report of sorts

The ACME Delivery gallery for
MFF 2008 is finally up. The ACME Delivery Products page has also been updated. If you are in any of the photos (or suspect you might be in a photo I didn't use on the ACME site) and want the unedited original(s) of those, let me know and I can get them to you.

Thursday night there was a parcel pile that included most, but all of the items to be delivered at MFF. A few items were acquired Friday morning. I didn't know who all was there yet, nor where all they were and I did have to catch up with someone about one delivery. But another delivery had to happen right away. There was another OPS Survival Kit with various items. Later, perhaps even the next day, I was amused and pleased to see the Ops folks haul in the ACME box from last year.

Once that delivery was taken care of, there was a fairly quick change out of delivery uniform and it was time for the Cow Tales candy bit. I met a few folks I knew from RCFM, including Samii Tiger. I had underestimated how much candy I needed and wound up giving almost all away Thursday night. I think I had one piece left when I got back to the room and I wound up eating that one myself. Usually I overestimate the amount of candy and make more than one run. I think I can tweak it just a bit and still do just one run, or maybe two, but not end feeling caught short. More than two candy runs is too much, I think.

After picking up a few items Friday morning, one was quickly delivered to spectravixen because it might need some attention that it wouldn't get sitting in an ACME bag in the hotel room waiting to be delivered.

The Guests of Honor all got something. I hope the "Geek Food" for the Sowers was about right. I didn't have that much to go on for them. Whereas I had the ideal co-conspirator for Foxfeather Zenkova who knew that really wanted a certain book and provided me with it. luckytheevildog got an Evil Kit and proceeded to annoy or worry the Meet the Guests of Honor moderator who demanded he give up the doggy squeak toy (not pictured in the kit). I was told later he had been taunting or teasing or threatening folks with the double salt licorice. Then jmaynard told him to read the ingredients. "Ammonium chloride?!"

Aureth liked his delivery of ACME India Pale Ale and Perro liked the Pale Ale. I don't recall now if he threatened to drink it all then and there to deal with con-running stress or if that was someone else ordering him not to. Either way, I know at least one bottle outlasted the convention as I got a note in very early December that he was "unfortunately down to one bottle" then.

I've seen Farore Nightclaw at MFF for the last few years and somewhere there was a comment about liking cookies (who doesn't?) or wanting a big cookie or some such. Naturally I couldn't leave that alone. That was delivered not too long after Artist's Alley opened on Friday and most of the cookie was still around on Saturday. I think some of it lasted until Sunday, but I don't know for sure. [ADDENDUM: Photo(s) removed by request.]

I followed the Roomies comic while it was active and have been amused by some of Flinters, who once went as Flinthoof, for several years. This year someone close to him answered my poll about MFF deliveries and suggested a sketchbook. Flinters was suspicious of an ACME parcel, but had fun with the packing material.

I already posted about 2_gryphon's delivery but now there are pictures. Like that of 2 signing for the delivery, Chester insisting that 2 open the parcel as well as indicate that while it was delivered by ACME, it was from him, 2 showing off the bottle and 2 drinking from that bottle. Oh, you wanted an even closer look? Here is the product page. I am still feeling good that this all went over as well as it did.

A poll respondent suggest a bear balloon for bjbuttons, which seems terribly obvious in retrospect but I didn't know much of BJButtons at the time, to the point I had no idea if he would even be there. A bit of private messaging reassured me and one of the Friday morning purchases was a Mylar Winnie the Pooh balloon which seemed to be very appreciated. I just wish I could have managed to deliver it earlier. I think it was delivered Saturday afternoon and so it sat in the hotel merrily seeping helium away and just it wasn't as buoyant as I think it ought to have been.

I'm going to skip one delivery as it was an inside joke between some folks and it would be easy for things to be taken the wrong way by some folks, possibly those involved. Perhaps too inside as the recipient was a bit bewildered by it.

The last delivery, to Bacon Coyote, took some doing. I had made a few attempts to find him and eventually a friend of his managed to arrange things so we'd meet up in the lobby. Delivering in suit isn't all that difficult, nor is taking delivery in suit. Opening a parcel is another matter. And what did the coyote get, as if you couldn't guess from his name? Well, not exactly bacon.

Orvan managed to get all the deliveries done, save one that was planned but cancelled - there were no leftover undelivered parcels. And Orvan did have some time to just be himself, which didn't happen last year partly due to being so busy. Looking back at MFF 2008 now, I think I it might have been a bit better than I thought it was at the time, and I didn't think it was bad then.

And a note to the RCFM folks: I haven't forgotten. I know the RCFM 2008 delivery photos and such are very, very late. They will be a bit later still, but I plan on getting dealing with more of them this weekend so at least progress will be made.

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