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That sign is on a few places in Minnesota. Part of Minnesota carry law specifies the size and wording of the sign for those who insist on denying others the right of self-defense and wish to publicly say "Take your business elsewhere, we prefer having unarmed victims here."

Even though I do not have a carry permit and thus do not carry, I do try to avoid rewarding such businesses with my patronage. Today things got ironic in a sad way. jmaynard and I went to a gun show which was held at the local VFW. Normally that show would have been held at the National Guard armory, but work is being done on that building. So the show is taking place at the VFW. And there is a sign that the VFW bans guns.

That's odd. Not just that a place holding a gun show bans the carrying of firearms, but that it's the VFW. VFW? Veterans of Foreign Wars - the folks who have fought for your, my, and others freedoms. Folks who know their way around firearms, and know that what they are: mere machines, inanimate objects. I wonder what the real story is. I suspect it's some clueless building owner or clueless insurance company that insists on that sign being there. I rather doubt the members of the VFW are the ones behind it being there. At least I hope not. I'd like to think well of them.

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