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During our Christmas travels, jmaynard read one of the Monk books, based on the TV show, and then I did. I've also been watching Monk on the USA network when on the treadmill. While reading the books I wondered how much I'd like the TV show. Would the stuff that seemed funny to hear about or be skipped over be annoying to see on TV? Last night I got the answer: Yes.

Last night I watched Monk and overall it was fairly good for a TV show. But the dwelling on Adrian Monk's foibles got to be grating to the point I used the mute button for quite a bit of the show. Some of the commercials managed to be less annoying. That particular show might have been something of an extreme case as it involved Monk having been shot and how miserable he acts and makes others afterward.

One thing did strike me while reading the books. Monk has this thing about even numbers. He takes issue with the movie The 39 Steps for not going to 40. He dislikes a baker's dozen of things as 13 is odd. Yet his favorite cleaner is Formula 409. That seems a bit strange. Perhaps that's been addressed, but I'm coming in late on things so haven't seen that.

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