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The worst movie recomendation

I've seen a couple emphatic recommendations to go see Gran Torino that explained nothing. One was "Drop anything and everything and go see this movie." another was "Go see this movie." My reaction when I get that sort of recommendation is one word: Why?

Those recommendations say nothing of what the movie is or is about or why I might be interested in seeing it. Or, worse, why someone might think others "need" to see it. For this particular movie, I have seen the TV promos. They tell me something: It's a gritty Clint Eastwood movie. That tells me I'm not likely to care to see it. I know that promos are often misleading, but nothing in any recommendation gives me any reason to doubt them.

Note that I have not said that the movie is bad. It's probably pretty good for what it is. But I need more than "Thou Shalt Go See $MOVIE" for any movie, let alone those that from the start come across as being something I wouldn't care for.

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