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Wherein I question Google developer's competence.

Like a good many people, I have a Gmail account. Or two (as ACME has one). And I don't care for the default view which is the typical Windows-Mac white background. The good thing is that a while back Google introduced the ability to theme the Gmail site. The bad thing is that they somehow managed to code it so poorly that it's browser dependent rather than ability dependent. The current Big Three browsers are IE, Firefox, and Safari. Those, and Google's own Chrome thing (which is Windows only anyway) are all that is supported. From my point of view, this sucks. I use Opera. I prefer it over every other browser I've tried, and yes I have tried Firefox. It's okkay for occasional use, but I have no intentions of switching to it. Thus my use of Gmail is occasional. I like Opera more than I like Gmail. Opera wins. And Gmail shouldn't even need to be browser-dependent for what is really just a set of color changes. How incompetent are the Gmail developers, anyway?

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